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Support New Club Grounds Developement (Posted: 11-10-2016)


We are appealing to past and present players both young and old and the people of the communities of Newbawn, Raheen and Adamstown if they are a position to help us financially with the new development, there are 4 options listed below.

1. Sponsor a Block for Hurling wall with Astroturf pitch

Our first priority after purchasing the field will be to build the Hurling wall with the Astroturf pitch as our players have nowhere to train in the winter months.

The blocks will be €100 each, and for this you will receive a certificate of appreciation for contributing to the building of the wall, a free monster draw ticket and there will be a plaque put up in the vicinity of the Hurling wall with the names of the contributors on it. This is a great opportunity for parents to give their Children a valuable legacy which they can show their offspring for years to come.

2. Sponsoring a light in the Floodlights

On each lighting Pole there shall approximately 10 lights, and for €500 euro anyone or any Business can sponsor a light. For the €500 the business/person names will be put on the pole of which they sponsored their light. The sponsor shall also receive a free monster draw ticket and will get a certificate of Sponsorship which they can put up in their business premises or home.

3. Lifetime membership

This option is open to non playing adults. A Lifetime membership will cost €1,000 and for this the member will be a lifetime member of St. Abban’s Adamstown GAA. They will not have to pay membership during their lifetime and will have full voting rights like all non playing adult members. They will get a free monster draw ticket, a Lifetime Membership certificate and all lifetime members will have their names printed on a plaque in our new club house.

4. Interest free loan

As a stipulation of application for grants and lotto funding, the applicant requires a minimum percentage of the cost of the job sitting in a bank account and we will use this option for accumulation of cash deposit.

We are opening this option for people who are in a position to loan the Club €2,000 interest free for a maximum of ten years. We guarantee confidentiality, and for this reason there are only three people who will deal with this option namely Agnes Whelan Adamstown 087 2903848, Michael Furlong Palace Raheen 087 6120905 and Michael English Newbawn 087 6344705.

How this works: you give one of the above €2,000 and in return they will issue you a receipt and give you a number. From then on your loan will be known by that number, Starting in 2018 the elected executive committee of Adamstown GAA club for that year will decide how many of the €2,000 loans they will repay in that year. At the end of year AGM, all remaining loan numbers will be put in a hat and shall be randomely drawn for loans to be repaid that year. All loans will be repaid within ten years.

No loan can be repaid on request so make sure you can do without the €2,000 for 10 years. Contributors to this option also get a free monster draw ticket.